Hotel Reef Yucatán

Enjoying with Distance

At Hotel Reef Yucatán we have prepared ourselves during this time that we were away and strengthened our commitment to all of you, working to train ourselves and have everything ready for our reunion. Our priority is and will continue to be to safeguard the health and well-being of our visitors, guests, suppliers and collaborators, which is why we have implemented the safety and hygiene protocols in prevention against COVID-19 to guarantee that you will feel safe and as if you were at home.

Therefore, the execution of these prevention protocols against COVID-19 allows us to provide confidence to all our visitors, guests of Hotel Reef Yucatán.


In order to access the Hotel it will be necessary to go through an arrival Check Up:

  • Temperature control.
  • Use of antibacterial gel
  • Mandatory use of face masks
  • Shoe cleaning upon arrival using disinfectant mats
  • Guest luggage will undergo a disinfection process upon arrival at the hotel.
  • Safe Distancing & quot; signage on the floor indicating the distance each guest must keep from one another.
  • Acrylic protection barriers at the front desk.


  • Daily disinfection of manipulable elements.
  • Nebulization of walls, curtains
  • Cleaning of surfaces with sanitizing liquid.
  • Hot steaming on sheets and pillows.

Restaurant and Snack Bar

  • Maximum capacity of diners.
  • Assisted buffet mode.
  • Signage of "Safe Distancing" on the floor indicating the distance that each guest must keep from one another.
  • Buffet service with security protocol
  • Safe distancing in furniture (tables and chairs)

Swimming pools

Sobre nosotros

Hotel Reef Yucatán

Rodeado por una sorprendente naturaleza endémica y con una increíble locación frente al mar de Telchac, el Reef Yucatán es un hotel que ofrece buen servicio y deliciosa gastronomía, en la hermosa Riviera yucateca, a tan solo 45 minutos de Mérida. Disfrute y déjese sorprender por las tonalidades y los atardeceres de la playa ya sea desde la piscina o el balcón de una habitación mientras disfruta una experiencia única.

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